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1st Lady - Lace Front Human Hair Wigs
***New 100% Brazilian human hair Wigs***
1st Lady (Chear) - 100% Blended Human Hair
1st Lady - 100% Human Hair Weaves
1st Lady - Curling Irons
1st Lady - Easy Streek
1st Lady - French Wave Clip On
1st Lady - Futura Fibre
1st Lady - Indian Remy Weave
1st Lady - Keratin Hair Glue
1st Lady - Micro Loop Hair
1st Lady - Pony Tail
1st Lady - Remy Clip On
1st Lady - Synthetic Lace Front Wigs
1st Lady - Synthetic Wigs
1st Lady - U Shape Keratin Extensions
1st Lady Dip dye clip-on
1st Lady Drawstring
1st Lady Human Hair Wigs
1st Lady Natural euro silky st weft
1st Lady Natural euro silky stright Clip-on
1st Lady Natural Italian wave (weft)
1st Lady Natural Italian wave clip on
1st Lady Natural Spanish weft
1st Lady Natural Yaki weft
Beldam - Cosmetics
Black Opal - Make up
Black Opal - Skin Care
Brazilian human hair
Brazilian Virgin Remy
Caris - Cosmetics
Clairissime - Cosmetics
CLIP ON PONY (synthetic)
Dermabella - Cosmetics
Dermo-Evoloution - Cosmetics
DH7 - Cosmetics
Diana - Cosmetics
Elysee - 100% Brazilian Lace Front Wigs
Elysee Star - Afro Kinky Bulk
Elysee Star - Bonding Glue Gun / Sticks
Elysee Star - Half Wigs
Elysee Star - Human Hair Ladys Wigs
Elysee Star - Human Hair Mens Wigs
Elysee Star - Human Hair Weaves
Elysee Star - Sigular Dreadlocks
Elysee Star - Silky Straight Human Hair Weaves
Elysee Star - Soul Braids
Elysee Star - Synthetic Weaves
Elysee Star - Synthetic Wigs
Elysee Star - Two Tone Wigs
Elysee Star - Wig After Care
FIRST LADY - Cosmetics
HT26 - Cosmetics
KEISHA - Cosmetics
KEISHA Bebe - Cosmetics
Lotion 90 - Skin Care
Makari - ALIYA
MAKARI - Cosmetics
Makari - Exclusive
Makari - Hair Care
Makari - Make up
Makari baby
Makari Caviar Line
Makari Extreme Carrot & Argan
Makari Naturalle
Makari Whitening skincare
MGC - For Hair
MGC - Skin Care
Micro ring (hair care)
New Placentyne
Niuma - Cosmetics
Nutriclair - Cosmetics
Ornika - Cosmetics
P+50 - Cosmetics
P+50 - Organic Oils
Peruvian 100% Human Hair
Pr.Bedon - Skin Care
Roxanna paris - Skin care
Royal White - Skin Care
Topifarm - Skin Care
Topsygel - Skin Care
WEAVING CLIP (hair care)
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Welcome to Elysee Star

We are London’s largest wig and hair accessory distributor. Established for 15 years you will find a wide selection of quality synthetic hair, human hair, hair extensions and fashion and fun styles. For sheer style, quality and a simply unbeatable selection, we have no equal. Our goal is to offer the best quality and selection of women’s wigs and hair accessories you’ll find anywhere in the London area. You can always be assured of quality so you can order with confidence and know that your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Please browse our online shop to see the styles we have in stock or contact us directly for further information.

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