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First Lady Maxi Tone Lightening Foaming Wash Cleans the face and reduces hyper-pigmentation

First Lady Maxi Tone Lightening Self-Foaming Face Wash

First Lady Fast Active

  • £12.49

First Lady maxi tone lightening foaming face wash with Neem extract gently removes impurities and prevents pimples. This lightening face wash reduces hyper-pigmentation and dullness whilst providing blemish control. 

  • Lightens & Tones the skin
  • Deeply cleanses dirt, oil and make-up without over drying the skin.
  • Fights spot causing bacteria 
  • Helps unblock pores
  • Refreshes the skin 

Neem extracts contain antibacterial properties that kills problem causing bacteria and controls acne.

First Lady maxi tone lightening foaming face wash also contains Niacinamide which is form of vitamin B-3, an antioxidant that aids the reduction of uneven skin tone, dullness and hyper-pigmentation. 

Use regularly  for pure, soft and pimple free skin.

Self - Foaming Technology 


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