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Allergy / Reactions

Allergy / Reactions

Unfortunately we cannot guarantee that everyone is not going to have an allergic reaction. This is because everyone's skin tolerance and sensitivity is different, and some individuals may have allergic reactions to certain ingredients within products.

On each product there will be an ingredient list, please ensure you read all the information on the packaging and on any leaflets provided before applying the product.

Before fully applying products on your skin / hair it is recommended to do a test patch to ensure the product is suited to your hair / skin.

If a combination of different products are used together, it is important that a test patch is conducted, as each product is likely to have different ingredients and different formulas.

If the area is irritated or an allergic reaction has occurred immediately discontinue use, if necessary, seek medical advice or visit your doctor in the first instance.

In reference to ALL SKIN TYPES / ALL HAIR TYPES, this means the product can be used on normal skin / hair, dry skin/ hair , oily skin / hair & combination skin / hair. IT DOES NOT MEAN THAT THE PRODUCT IS SUITED FOR SENSITIVE SKIN / HAIR you need to conduct a test patch before fully applying the product to make sure it is suited for your skin / hair.

Please note, we can only accept unopened/unused returned products which have been ordered from us within 14 days working days of receipt. Please refer to our terms & conditions.

So we can log allergy / reactions and forward information to the manufactures, if you do have any reaction please email our team within 48 hours of using the product with the below information:

- Order number

- The name of the product

- Reaction type

- Reaction time frame after applying the product

- If you consulted a healthcare professional

We reserve the right to request a photo of the allergy and medical / doctors’ letter in regards to any reactions.